>> A Prosperity Listing is the right choice!

For 20 years, we tithed a prosperity listing to everyone in the directory and trusted that as they found out about the work we are doing, they would donate and tithe supporting our continued endeavors. Certain observant and thoughtful centers did this.

After 12 years, to help us to express our gratitude to the ministries supporting our work, our Core Council (Board of Directors) changed this and created three classes of listings: Charity, Prosperity, Sponsored.

All New Thought Centers regardless of their level of prosperity or lack of it, will always have a Charity Listing which will list their location, service times and other information.

Prosperity Listings are for those New Thought Centers that realize the wisdom of sowing seed into the fields which support them and thereby subscribe to a voluntary PayPal contribution (tithe) to support the work we do supporting New Thought around the globe. The listing pertaining to their center is augmented with the contact information and more...

This tithe supports the Universal New Thought Directory, the Free New Thought Library , the equipment support program, audio libraries and other work the international volunteers do to support your center and the over 2000 New Thought Centers around the world.

In additon to these two listings, we are rewarding sponsor donors with the use of the space to the left of Charity Listings. Thus individuals, companies and even other centers can sponsor listings and thereby gain the use of the space to the left of those listings.

>> How it works:

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